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The Vitamin D-Hormone is the substance that controls our health. In Case there is not enough of vitamin D in your body, this increases your risk for allergies, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Many people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Adeficiency causes several symptoms. Test yourself in test #1. A number of 4 tests will lead you through a virtual examination.

The 4 tests:

  1. possible symptoms, signs and complaints of a vitamin D deficiency ***(see a list below)
  2. the duration of sunshine you need every day (in minutes)
  3. your vitamin D-blood level, estimated from you lifestyle (in ng / ml)
  4. the dose rate of vitamin D that is needed, to normalize your level to 50 ng/ml (units of vitamin D)

Performing our test system shows you the power of vitamin D. The prevention of diseases with the supply of vitamin D ist the most effective way to protect your body. A a cost of about 20 $ a year you will reduce your risk of cancer by about 50 %.

We wish you a good health !

Dr. med. Raimund von Helden

General Practitioner

Member of the international VITAMIN-D-RESEARCH-GROUP

57368 Lennestadt, Germany


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Many thanks to John Cannell,

who is one of the most prominent scientific promoter for the new knowledge of Vitamin D.

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Thank you John for the inspiring talks about the future of Vitamin D on the international workshop in Belgium.


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*** A list of possible symptomy and signs of a vitamin D deficiency.

Test #1 of this website will count your signs automatically step by step.

It has been shown, that all these signs and symptoms can respond on a Vitamin D-Setup-Therapy.

symptoms of vitamin d deficiency

Get your score of vitamin D-symtoms with our free online-test