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A letter from the founder of the project, Dr. med. Raimund von Helden, General Practitioner, Institute.VitaminDelta.org, Lennestadt, Germany:

The Project VitaminDelta.org supports your health.

  1. You get the possible reason for your health complaints: a deficiency of vitamin D.
  2. You get the right time to stay in the sun.
  3. You get your own vitamin D blood level calculated
  4. You get the dose rate thats brings you back onto a healthy level of vitamin D.

All in all you get the advice of an expert-system online.


We do not need to mention, that you save al lot of money and get a priceless advantage: a better health.

Give us a positive feedback for our efforts and send us 20 cent for every test.


Hit the "Donate"- button now.

Thank you for your friendly support.






We support you

VitaminDelta supports your health with free medical advice.
Please hit the button now.

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